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A New Year for Orphan Assistance Fund!

With the start of the 2022-2023 school year, a new year for Orphan Assistance Fund begins! We thank everyone for their generous support these past few years, and we are ecstatic for all that is to come next. With plenty of new club chapters joining us and many returning this year, we plan to further our mission here at Orphan Assistance Fund! Various projects and events are already in the works, and we cannot wait to share them. Make sure to stay updated by subscribing to our new monthly newsletter!

By signing up for our monthly newsletter, you'll receive notifications and updates about recent and upcoming events for Orphan Assistance Fund, our achievements and accomplishments, details about projects, and more! New versions are released on the third Saturday of every month.

Again, we sincerely give our greatest thanks to everyone for joining to supporting our cause here at Orphan Assistance Fund! We cannot wait to see where this new year brings us!


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