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Our Mission

Orphan Assistance Fund envisions a world where parental status doesn’t define a child’s success. Our vision is to secure this fundamental right for as many foster and orphaned youth as possible, striving towards a world where any child can prosper.

About Us

At the heart of OAF’s mission lies a desire to give back: OAF empowers high school students to alter the lives of foster and orphaned youth through fundraisers, item drives, and leadership roles. Initially the dream of 5 friends at Edison High School, OAF now spans across Orange Country through 16 student-led chapters and an ever-growing community of more than 400 members. With over $30,000 raised and 4,000 service hours accumulated, our endeavors have connected our students to children as local as OC to those living as far as Haiti and Kenya. Driven by a shared passion towards a common good, our members and the youth we serve continue to shape how the story of this organization unfolds.


Board Members

Jayla Chan

Executive Director

Anh Ly

Operations Director

Ishanvi Srihanri

Chief of Staff

Andrew Huynh

Financial Director

Mylen Zheng


Paris Vue

Marketing Director

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"For youth, by youth"

OAF Motto

Executive Alumni


CEO Founder
Andrew Nguyen

Founder of OAF


1st COO
Dylan Pham

First ever COO


Paul Chau

CEO 2021-2023


Julian Lodin

COO 2021-2023


Althea Mendoza

Secretary 2021-2022

Our Projects

Take a peek at our OAFC members helping our community!

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