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Welcome Our New Secretary: Jayla Chan!

We at Orphan Assistance Fund thank Althea Mendoza, our former secretary, for her many years of support and actions in achieving our organization's mission on both local and international scales! As Althea finishes her senior year and moves to attend higher education, she has now resigned from her position. Her hard work has reflected in her many months serving on the Orphan Assistance Fund Executive Board, and we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors!

In the past few months, Althea has selected 6 individuals to shadow her work as OAF Secretary. Our organization now proudly welcomes Jayla Chan, a freshman at Irvine High School, as the new Secretary of Orphan Assistance Fund! Jayla has already shown so much dedication with her involvement and craft at OAF. We are so excited to work with her to further our organization's purpose. Our sincerest congratulations to Jayla!


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