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International Haiti Project

Orphan Assistance Fund has partnered with Kids Alive based in Haiti to have a fundraiser for a church orphanage in Haiti. This estate houses many children and people. The funds raised will go towards appliances and furniture to build a cafeteria, such as fridges, tables, and chairs. This cafeteria would be especially beneficial for the children here.

The goal for this fundraiser would be $5,500. From April 11th to April 17th, there is a match week for donations. Meaning, that whatever is raised during this week will be matched by one of the Orphan Assistance Fund's sponsors up to $1,000. Be sure to donate during this week! This fundraiser will be going on until early June. Share with a friend or family member. The fundraiser will be on GoFundMe and can be accessed by heading to the website's donation button. The link to this fundraiser is also:

We are so grateful to have been able to help this orphanage with a fundraiser. Thank you Kids Alive International!


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