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Amazing Conclusion to 2021

Orangewood fundraiser results

The beginning of a new year marks the ending of our final fundraiser of 2021. This fundraiser was a collaboration with the Orangewood Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Santa Ana dedicated to help youth who don't have financial and mental support from their parents while growing into adulthood. The funds raised will entirely go towards gifts and supplies for these youth who need help on their path to self-sufficiency. With high hopes of raising $1500 with 6 different OAFC's promoting the event, we ended the year with a bang.

A few days after New Year's Eve the fundraiser ended, and the final count was settled. With over 25 donors from 6 different schools, we reached our goal of $1500. Thanks to the help of each and every single one of the donors, we were able to let the youth transitioning from foster care to self-sufficiency in the area know that the people they live with remember them and care for them. This fundraiser was an amazing way for OAF to give back to the community around them and to start 2022. Let's hope that the rest of the year is filled with events that continue to support the important and memorable purpose of the organization.


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